Our team

The company is the result of a partnership between two rope access technicians that have worked in all fields of the industry.  Accès BG wants to promote the rope access industry in Québec.

Accès BG is proud to work with the best technicians and quality equipment in their goal to offer innovative access solutions while maintaining the highest standards.


Vincent Goudreault

Vincent Goudreault - SPRAT III / IRATA III

Vincent Goudreault is co-founder of Accès BG and director of operations in the Québec City area. He also manages human resources and the equipment.

        He started out as an adventure tourism guide and a paramedic before becoming a rope access technician in 2009. He has since been on many important projects and had the chance to work on ropes with engineers, architects, inspectors and welders. This wide range of experience is what makes him versatile in this industry.

Philippe Brodeur

Philippe Brodeur - IRATA III

Philippe Brodeur is co-founder of Accès BG and director of operations in the Montréal area.

He started out in residential and commercial construction in Alberta and B.C. where he eventually discovered rope access. He has worked in every field of the industry as a certified technician for 10 years all over Canada and in Australia. For the past couple years he has been involved in large-scale contracts, supervising teams in the Oil & Gas sector.

Mathieu Trudeau

Mathieu Trudeau - SPRAT III / IRATA III

Mathieu Trudeau joined the team in 2016 as a project manager.

He has a wide range of experience in rope access in Canada and Australia and he has worked in all fields of the industry. Lately, he has been specializing in rope access training (SPRAT & IRATA) and in supervising rope access operations for Offshore Oil & Gas.